Paper Dolls
by Age - 36-40

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 9

Attention, Attention, Attention

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am known by the nickname "KitKat". That is what I prefer to be called. I am entertaining, a blast to be around, and I am worth getting to know. I am extremely closed up at first. I don't just let anyone in my life.

Hello! My name is Orathay, but my friends call me Thai. I was born in Thailand. I have been in the United States since I was 4 years old. I understand a lot of different cultures and I speak 4 different languages fluently. I'm the only girl out of 10 children.

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Hello! And greetings to everybody! I don't want to sound like I'm trying to sell myself but I have to catch your attention somehow! My bubbly smile represents my sincere personality and my personality generates a connection.

Hi! I'm Ashley, a young, fun, country girl who is just looking for a nice friendship with an open-minded, nonjudgmental human being. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. I also don't discriminate! I prefer women but I wouldn't mind men as well. 
I'm currently serving time at FCCW in Troy, VA. I'm looking for companionship. I'm free-spirited, strong-willed, fun, loving, empathetic and understanding. I'm a Scorpio woman born on Halloween and can be a trick or treat.

Looking for someone to correspond with that enjoys same things I do. I am a Christian. I like the outdoors - fishing, riding 4 wheelers, and riding horses. 
Hey! I'm Jamie and I'm looking for someone to connect with and get to know. I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, and bettering myself. I listen to a variety of music and watching movies, doing yoga.

I like to laugh and have a good time. I have tendencies to get a little wild and spontaneous but for the most part I'm very loving and have a heart of gold, always willing to sacrifice myself for the happiness and well-being of others. 
Hello, my name is Emily Amber. I am 36 (but I look 30 and am amazing still LOL). I am super bubbly and I am extremely outgoing and also I'm a very positive person. I love to be outdoors. I do yoga, I like to garden, and I love animals.

I am a sweet soft spoken, fun person. I'm just looking for a penpal to pass the time. Write me and I can tell you more about myself. 
Lonely and locked up - looking for companionship. I love to laugh and find joy in making others laugh. I love the outdoors and indoors. I love the rain and the sunshine. Cooking is a skill some have and, by some, I mean me! Show me some love and I will return it back at you.

Hi, I'm Jessica. During my incarceration, I'm looking to connect with someone special and enjoy letters or casual conversation on the phone and see where things go. I'm open minded, sweet, down to earth and have a good sense of humor. 
Don't be fooled by my baby-blue eyes; I was born and raised in New Jersey so I'm tougher than I look. I'm a strong and beautiful woman, but prison is lonely for everyone.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Miller. I'm from Waverly, OH. I'm currently working on getting my GED and I'm wanting to further my education while I'm in prison. I want to be able to better my life for my children and me when I get out of prison. 
39 year old, open and down to earth Hispanic lady with a good sense of humor who is seeking someone who is non-judgmental, willing to share their hopes and dreams with. I am intelligent and always eager to learn new things.

I am a 37 year old, single, white female from southeastern Ohio. I am 5'8", 166 pounds, curvy, and appealing. I am an intuitive Pisces with lustrous auburn locks, soft freckles, and piercing blue eyes. Intelligent, exciting with a zest for life. 
I am outgoing and I have a great sense of humor. I love to live life to the fullest. My family is very important to me. I am very loyal and trustworthy. I'm an only child.

I enjoy being outside in nature. I'm a very adventurous person as well as spontaneous. I like to have fun and cut up. I enjoy cuddling and watching movies. I like to cook and bake. I enjoy taking care of others but also enjoy being spoiled and pampered. 
Hi, I'm Dena. I am very easy to get along with, funny, spontaneous, fun loving, hardworking and just me. I enjoy cooking, listening to music, reading, pretty much anything outdoors, and I'll try anything at least once.

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