Paper Dolls
by Age - 36-40

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 4
My name is Laura and I'm in federal prison on a drug charge in Minnesota. I'm from Nebraska but moved around a lot growing up due to the military. I'm very family oriented and loyal. I love sports, especially football, basketball, and soccer. 
Hey, there! I've been incarcerated for a few years now and have watched people come and go. I'm hoping to find a friend to stick around. If you are loyal, kind, and honest, I look forward to hearing from you.

Single, like the outdoors, fishing, hiking, riding ATVs, camping. I love spending time with my children and grand kids. I'm 5'4", 145 pounds, long brown hair, average body type. I enjoy working out, reading, watching a good movie. 
What you see as you gaze upon these photos are actually strikes against me in this place and with guys. Staff and inmates are envious of my attractiveness and light skin, while guys see me as a party girl because I have a drink and am at the club.

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My name is Melanie Nichole, but I've always went by Nicki and that's how my mail gets to me. I'm 38. I'm a country girl, athletic and thick/curvy. I love playing ball, working out and anything to do with the outdoors. 
Always a lady. I'm old school. Looking for someone who can make decisions without approval. I'm an open book and very honest. Not so shy either. I'm very outgoing and love to try new things. I currently get out 8.29.

My name is Anneli Hobbs #661727. I would consider myself to be a beautifully open, honest, giving, and full of life woman. I'm very in touch with myself, know what I like, and know how to give and please. 
I am fun, loving, energetic, and have an impeccable sense of humor. I love to laugh, karaoke, watch movies, relax, and cook. My faith, family, and sobriety are most important to me. I am looking for a friend to talk to, enjoy conversation, and add color to this dark place.

I love meeting new people. I'm easy to talk to, outgoing, love life, love to smile and laugh. I enjoy fishing, swimming, shooting pool. I like to go out just about as much as I like to stay home and snuggle up and watch a movie. 
Full of fire and spice and everything nice. I'm a sweet, fun, loving Latina from Southern California. I'm a very optimistic and open minded person. I will take a chance at love and life. I like to read and am into working out and fitness.

Hello, I'm looking for a woman or man around age 35 and up. Want a nice friend before anything else, but understand as our time of getting to know each other things could lead the both of us on a bright side. 
Hi Guys! If you are looking for a sweet Southern peach then look no further! I'm 36 years old, born and raised in South Georgia, but I've lived in Florida, California, and the U.S.

Hello. I'm very outgoing. I cuss a lot and laugh at things I shouldn't. I'm attracted to muscles, people with talent, and great conversation. Someone with stability in my life. 
I am very outgoing, fun, loyal, loving, and hardworking. I enjoy being outdoors fishing, 4-wheeling, or I am up for anything adventurous. I have a big heart. I am a very good listener. I like to write.

Hey ladies and gentlemen. I'm fun, flirty and looking for love. I'm an Italian/White single female. I enjoy cooking, taking walks, and working out. I love to watch movies and garden. I'm very open minded and caring. I'm very organized and clean. 
I'm looking to meet new friends and people. I'm positive, open minded, hardworking, and kind, I have an outstanding sense of humor. I enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, baseball, basketball, jogging, Bible studies, and helping others.


I see you looking at me

Looking for new friends and I am open to romance as well. I enjoy writing and I'll never let you get bored. I'm not tied down and I don't have much family. So I can give you a lot of attention and 100% of my time. I'm a high school graduate with some college.

Hi,I am Shannon, looking for friendship possibly more. I have an open mind and an open heart about my life in prison. I will not let my past determine my future. I am all about bettering myself while here but it gets lonely. 
Truth and time is all I can give you right now, therefore understand Truth will always be revealed from me, so please be truthful in return. Truth will always make me stay instead of walking away. I see Truth as a companion, the foundation to everything.

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