Paper Dolls
by Age - 36-40

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 24
I'm a very loving, good-spirited woman. My interests include music, movies, dancing. I'm seeking a nice handsome man or woman, honest, caring, responsible and with a nice personality. Looking for a penpal, maybe more later on. 
My name is Tanesha Holder. I'm 38 years old. I'm from Davenport, IA. I'm married but separated with no children but looking forward to having some. I am a woman that likes to have fun, laugh, and smile. I'm very straight forward and outspoken.

Long brown hair, electric blue eyes, great smile, laid-back, loyal, real, athletic, lover of Scrabble and volleyball, willing to relocate. Looking for a fresh start with stability, laughter and a partner to trust. 
My name is Beverly Sharpe. I've been in prison a while now. I'm kind-hearted, sweet, loving, open-minded and love to have fun. I love to sing, dance, cook, swim, play pool, horseback riding. I'm taking my GED now.

Hello, my name is Kayla. Looking for that special someone out there who will complete me. I am a bubbly, daring, outspoken and adventurous lady. 
Hello. My name is Amber and I am 38. I am widowed, a Christian, true to heart but love life and enjoy it a lot.

Fun loving, open minded, spontaneous, intellectually stimulating woman seeking someone who has the fortitude to think and be independent. Must be prepared for a long ride of pure, unadulterated pleasure. I love life and deserve more than I've gotten. 
If you have one wish, what would it be? SWF 36 years old from Lebanon, KY with bright blue eyes, sandy blonde short-styled hair and a full smile who is easy to get along with. Educated, family oriented and willing to take risks in life.

I am a very loyal and giving person that is looking to establish relationships with the outside world. I am an honest person and expect the same in return. I cherish all the little things that life has to offer. I am an open book. Feel free to ask me anything. 
I'm 40 years old. I stand 5'5½. I'm around 180 lbs.. I enjoy reading, writing, and expanding my mind. What I'm looking for is someone that I can have a stimulating time with on an intellectual level as well as more.

I'm young, fun and love to be loved. I love to laugh, walk, sing, fish, play pool. My favorite season is the spring when everything is brand new. I've made mistakes yet my spring season is here. I'd love to find someone who can help me begin anew and be a stronger person. 
My name is Elizabeth. I'm 40 years old. I'm Hispanic, born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I'm a single mother of three beautiful children. I love my children. They mean the world to me. I'm a great person to be around. I love reading, writing. I'm a hard worker.

Single, been divorced a year (as of January 2015). I love the outdoors, mudding, 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing, also love writing and drawing. I'm big on family. Family is the most important. My children are my life. Looking for someone that is not into playing games. 
Hello, you have found a fabulous mocha-skinned 37-year-old woman. I am not only beautiful, kind and honest, but I'm also athletic and adventurous. I'm very open minded and I like to have fun and fill my days with laughter.

I'm pretty, loving, loyal, honest, respectful and a very adventurous 38-year-old German/Italian young lady. I enjoy quality time with my family and loved ones, as well as traveling. I'm very athletic and love to stay in the gym. 
I consider myself fun, loving, very happy, mature, and down to earth. I love to talk and read. My hobbies are dancing and sports. I love to cuddle and lounge on the couch to watch movies. I enjoy horseback riding with my family. Traveling is something I enjoy as well.


Bouncy, Beautiful and Free on the Inside!

Beautiful green-eyed Pocahontas searching for my white knight to rescue and save my heart with his love. I am fun loving, sweet, honest and very affectionate. I enjoy long walks in the park or quiet nights cuddled up in my man's arms. I love to cook.

Hello, my name is Amy. Do take a moment and read my profile to know a little about me. Am seeking a friendship, someone to share many conversations. Will answer all questions honestly, plus to the best of my ability. So let me tell you a few things about me. 
I am no complex puzzle, nor a work of art, for I am greatly flawed and scarred by foibility and life. However, I am me. Honest, generous, and at times a bit moody - yikes! Yet and still, I am an open book with nothing to hide.

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