Paper Dolls
by Age - 31-35

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 16
I'm a true Gemini, tons of personality to always keep you intrigued. Looking for someone to write outside of this place. Always down for some fun. I don't discriminate. I'm open to any age, sex, or race. I don't care about your past, we all have one. 
My name is Marissa. I'm pretty laid back, down to earth and go with the flow. I love meeting new people and am looking for someone to correspond with. I'm not opposed to anything beyond friendship, however, I'm one of those people that just lets things play out naturally.

My name is Jennifer. I'm 33 and in prison for the next few years. I will tell you my story when we penpal as it's a heartbreaking one! I have limited family and not a lot of resources or anyone to talk to. 
Hello, my name is Jeannie Atwood. I am 33 years old. I'm fun, outgoing and energetic. I have an amazing personality. I'm also very smart.

Hi, my name is Ciara. I'm 31 years old, and I was born and raised in Florida, a true Floridian. I have tan skin. 
Hello! My name is Crystal. I am fun, outgoing, motivated, athletic, and a great listener. I am looking for someone who is open minded, kind hearted, sincere, and compassionate.


Mandy - Child of Summer

A beautiful African American female desiring a friend who can stand the test of time. I have plenty of conversations to give. I'm very loyal, trustworthy, outspoken and open minded. My passions are reading, family, music, and YOU! I don't judge or discriminate.

Hi, how's it going? I hope all is well. I'm alright, but will be better once I hear from you! My name is Rachel and I'm looking for a friend to share my day with. I'm a true Florida girl. I love the water, whether it be swimming, fishing or boating. 
Hi there…My name is Kimberley, born and raised in Ohio. I am very outgoing and enthusiastic. I love to have a good time and I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces. I enjoy spending time with the people who mean the most to me.

My name is Justine, I was born in South Dakota. I am a very loyal and honest individual. I have made many mistakes in the past and I have learned from them. My past does not define me. 

Country Roots Surrounded by City Lights

I need a friend both inside and out. I am a little shy at first, but once I'm comfortable, I am a more open! I love to be told what to do as well as being showed off. I love to take care of my friend, clean, cook, make sure everything is to his liking. 
Are you lonely and in need of a friend? Someone you can just talk to and confide in? Well, that's what I'm looking for, a solid friendship, a reliable person I can have fun and be myself with.

I am in search of penpals that are down to earth, sincere, and who love to laugh. Also someone that is business savvy. I am an entrepreneur by nature. I have always worked in restaurants and am a wonderful chef. 
The hardest thing about doing time is losing connection with everything that encompasses the world out there. No matter where we are, connecting with others gives us a reference point of being and living. Everything in our lives leaves a mark in our minds and hearts.

I'm an easygoing, non-judgmental person. I'm open to anything and everything. I will try anything once. I love the outdoors like fishing, riding 4 wheelers, the beach, swimming. I like football. I'm a dirty girl. I like to do dirty things in different places. 
I am looking for lifelong friends that are honest, loyal, and good people willing to overlook my past! I am here because I had too many drinks!

Hi, my name is Aisha Donaldson. I am 31 years old. I am from Oklahoma City, OK. I am hoping to find a friend who wants to get to know each other through letters, email, video chats, and phone calls. 
Hello, I'm Dulce! I'm 31 single with 2 beautiful boys. I'm from California but am doing time in West Virginia. I'm very laid back, down to earth, and opened minded, and an easy person to get along with, and love music.

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