Paper Dolls
by Age - 26-30

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 14
I'm very outgoing and bubbly. I like the outdoors. I love to go fishing, camping, and even hunting. I also am very crafty. Things like making blankets by crocheting, etc. I'm really funny and kind hearted. I'm open to a variety of ideas. I like to have fun. 
I'm sassy, ambitious, witty, strong, and love to share a laugh with someone. I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, traveling, and going to trade shows and concerts. I like country music mixed with a little rock and roll.

Hi, my name is Kristin. I'm Panamanian and black, pretty eyes, and a petite woman. I am 29 years old. I have been down since 2012. My release date is 2021 as of now. It is subject to change sooner due to the milestones we receive in here. 
Hey, my name is Brittany. I'm an Italian-Irish firecracker looking for a friend. I'm an attractive lady standing at 5'3". I'm outgoing, intelligent, and feisty, although non-judgmental. I have a sense of humor and don't mind getting down and dirty.

My name is Derrisha but most people call me Risha or Rish. I am 27 years young! I'm looking for friends to write and talk to and see what happens from there. I don't discriminate against age or gender. I'm very open minded. 
I am an artist with a loud personality. I like fun and I like adventures. I am hardly ever shy and when I am I still play it off well. I am a pitbull lover all the way. I am a diehard Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers fan.

Melinda is a gorgeous Mexican, Hawaiian and white 28 year old young woman. She is serving time for eluding a peace officer and was sentenced to 2 years. Melinda is bubbly, warm, loving, loyal, honest, caring, and fun. 
Hi guys! My name is Courtney. I'm a spunky 27 year old from the Cleveland area. I'm free-spirited but down to earth and enjoy country music, the outdoors, and photography. I'm looking to correspond with a new friend or companion.

My name's Shai. I'm 26 years young and very sassy. I'm looking for people in the free world to help occupy my time, someone who is open minded and looking for adventure. Age is not a factor to me. I'm looking for friendship but open to more. 
Hi, everyone, my name is Tabitha. I am looking to meet new people. As you can imagine, it gets kind of lonely in here. I am very outgoing, adventurous, bubbly, and energetic.

Hi, my name is Rosa. I'm currently incarcerated and would love to correspond with someone free and non-judgmental. I'm a Scorpio, Puerto Rican and black. I'm spontaneous, smart, and sassy. I'm 28 years old and grew up in the northeastern part of Illinois. 
Hi my name is Adriana but people call me Adri. I'm from Chicago and outside these gates I live in Jefferson County. I am looking for someone to help pass my time with. I am looking for friendship and emotional and mental support, possibly more.

I'm a compassionate and lvoign woman who made a mistake that landed me down the path I'm currently on. I would like to meet someone who is patient, has a generous spirit and is willing to go the extra mile for their special someone. 
Fun, easygoing, and understanding are just 3 ways to describe me. Judging is something I don't do. I love to laugh and learn new things. I love excitement because we only have one life so I want to live life to MY fullest.

Hello, my name is Emelidihbette and I'm looking for a good man to treat me right. I'm loving, caring, trustworthy, respectful, honest. I love to do indoor and outdoor activities. I am a beautiful woman who is looking for Mister Right. 

Pretty Little Sassy Thang

Hey! I'm a vibrant young lady with an old soul. Regardless of my circumstances, I've always found a way to persevere. I'm seeking a man willing to help me reach my full potential, build and live our dreams out. 
I'm an open minded, single, beautiful woman who's looking for someone I can connect with.... If that's you, I would love to hear from you. I'll be waiting.

Hey there! I guess you can say I'm just a simple person. I'm a laid back country girl with a rock twist. The number one thing about me that one might need to know is that I'm an open book. 
Hello! I'm Halie Highstone. I am 26 years old. I'm from Martin County, Florida. I have 2 little boys. I was born in Cocoa Beach, FL. I love to be outdoors, either at the beach or on the boat. I love to have fun.

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