Paper Dolls
by Age - 21-25

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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My name is Jessica. I am looking for someone to talk to and get to know. I love to meet new people. I have a great sense of humor. I love to joke around and be goofy. I am open minded and am very optimistic. I love anything to do with the outdoors. 
I enjoy music, and dancing is my favorite form of exercise. I also enjoy reading. The ability to travel worlds away or see our own world through someone's eyes really stimulates my brain. I'm soft spoken, yet stern.

Hi, my name is Halie. I'm looking for someone to get to know and to help pass time. I'm a fun, outgoing girl. I love meeting new people. I have tattoos. I have a lot of them. I like being outside. I love mudding and riding 4-wheelers. Music is my life. 
From Rathdrum, ID. On a rider. I am looking for someone genuine to talk to. A man that knows what he wants and is ready to rock my world!

I'm a beach babe through and through, born and raised in the Miami area. So I love playing dress up in bikinis and sun bathing. I'm a young girl with an old soul. 
I am 23 years old and have been locked up since I was 19. I have a young child who is my world. I am locked up for drugs. I am a recovering addict. I am fun, loving, and outgoing. I love beaches and the ocean. I love to go tanning.

My name is Ariel and I'm 23 years old. I'm pretty mature for my age. My sign is Leo. I'm gender fluid. I don't know what my future looks like but I have big plans. If I can't do great things - I'm going to do small things in a great way. 
I am a smart, outgoing, genuine, young woman that truly stands out in this environment. I love music, BBQing, and bonfires. I am looking for someone to support me and my goals. If you are honest and genuine you should get a hold of me.

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My name is Kayla, I'm 25 years old, young single mom of 2. Looking forward to bettering myself every day. My past isn't who I am, although it has made me stronger. I love being a mom, my kids are my heart, the best part of me. 

Seeking Someone Different

My name is Elisha Davis, AKA Princess! I'm currently serving a remaining 6 years on a 10-year sentence at Fluvanna Corrections Center for Women. I'm a good girl that made a bad decision. 
Hey, everyone!! I'm Amanda but you can call me Manda or Mandi. I'm currently serving the last part of a 4-year sentence. I'm an outgoing, spontaneous, and caring person. I love music, tattooing, and traveling.

I'm 24 from a small town in Iowa. I've made some poor decisions in the past but I'm moving forward from that now. I'm a very optimistic, confident, and determined young woman. I love to have a good time and also make sure my business is taken care of. 
Hi, my name is Kiana, but I've had a childhood nickname of Keke stick with me! Smiley Face 

Well-educated young woman. Optimistic and open minded. I am easy to talk to and every conversation with me is interesting. Write or Corrlinks me - let's talk. Smiley Face 
I'm a very outgoing person. I like to occupy my time by doing classes, playing sports, and hanging out with my friends. I'm a positive and understanding person as well as a good listener. I like to see the bright side of every situation and the good in everyone.

I am looking for a friend, somebody to become my penpal. I'm very outgoing and fun. I just want to get to know you and become friends. 
Hello Sunshine! I'm sure we've all seen brighter days, but I believe this must be our luckiest day because I have the pleasure of giving you my full undivided attention, love and affection.

Hi! My name is Heather. I am a fun, outgoing, athletic, optimistic, smart young woman who is looking for some friends to help me get through this lonely time. I like to teach, dance, listen to music, and explore the great outdoors. 
Hi, I am looking to meet and correspond with a particular quality of person. I have found prison to be a very lonely place. I don't feel as though I fit in and although that's a good thing, my life is lacking that special bond that puts a smile on my face.

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