Paper Dolls
by Age - 21-25

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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I'm a fun, loving, spontaneous 24-year-old woman. I love my family, friends, and my one fur baby. On the outside, I'm a cosmetologist. I like to make people beautiful on the outside to match their beautiful insides. 
Hello world! I'm Nicole, however I go by Natalie. I'm 23, slender build, standing at 5 feet, 120 pounds, caramel skin, jet black shoulder length hair. I'm a real catch, trust! I'm single by the way. Very talented and open minded. I enjoy trying new things.

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Dani. I'm 25 years old but consider myself to be more mature than most. I love to smile and laugh, always surround myself with positive people. 
Hey! My name is Kiesha and I am 23 years old. I'm a fun, spontaneous, energetic person! I am looking for someone who doesn't take life too seriously. Family is important to me as well as laving meaningful relationships and friendships.

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Risking It All for a Chance

My name is Dianne. I'm smooth chocolate, pretty smile. I have great conversation. I'm funny, loving and caring. I love to get spoiled as well as spoil others. I'm great at dancing. I love to dance, love to do outdoors. I'm a very honest, loyal, trustworthy person.

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Hey there! My name is Anjelicka. I am 23 years young, mixed black, white and Columbian. I am open minded, enthusiastic, unique, passionate, spontaneous and full of fun. I love to laugh, live and learn. I enjoy many things, especially an amazing conversation.

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My name is Skyler and I'm 25 years old. I'm interested in sincere friendships. I am down to earth and fine immense joy in reading. I love to surf and eat. I'm a huge Green Bay fan and enjoy puzzles. I would describe myself as a country girl.

Hi, I'm Larissa. I am a captivate beauty with a thirst for knowledge and an ambition to fulfil my curiosity for life. I'm spunky, playful, witty, artistic and energetic. There will never be a dull moment with me around.

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Hey! My name is Raven. I go by Rae or Ray. I'm 22 years old and I'm here on an 8-year sentence. I go up for parole in 2-1/2 years (as of December 2017). I don't have any kids. I'm the youngest of 2 siblings. I am bisexual. So I prefer both men and women.

Hi there, I'm Maria. I'm 24 years old, a true Sagittarius through and through. I'm a positive person who loves to laugh and joke around. I'm a city girl who likes to have fun. Right now I'm looking to get to know someone who I can laugh with.

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Hey my name is Ashleigh. I'm 25 and I'm from Akron, Ohio. I am currently serving a year for an F5 drug possession. Right now I'm trying to work on myself, but I enjoy having fun and I'm open minded.

My name is Brittany. I am 21 years old. I have a contagious smile and an even better personality. Good vibes are what I give out to the universe. I am a caring Cancer and kitty lover. I am adventurous and enthusiastic about trying all kinds of new things. 
I'm a 22 year old country sweetheart looking for the man of my dreams to make an honest woman out of me. Smiley Face  I'm very loving, outgoing, fun, and spontaneous.

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Some say I'm stubborn, but I'd call it independent. I don't like to rely on others and I'd much rather do everything on my own, although I do realize sometimes we all need help (especially considering my current circumstances). 
Hello, my name is Erica and I am serving 24 months at Coffee Creek. I love getting to know people and I am a sucker for someone who can make me smile. I love to laugh, I am very outgoing, and I am very family-oriented.

My name is Mackenzie, but call me Kenz. I'm from Charleston, WV. I'm 21, no kids, never married. I've been locked up since 2015 for controlled buys, nothing too crazy. People make mistakes but I refuse to let mind define me. 
Made some bad decisions, but using this opportunity to get my life together. Will be attending Vet Tech School. Very outgoing and love to get to know new people.

Hey! My name is Hunter and I'm 24 years old. My favorite thing to do is laugh and have fun. I'm a hair stylist and I love it! I am very outgoing and sassy. I love to go on adventures and be outside. I've made some poor choices but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. 
Hi, my name is Katie. My first name is Tabitha, but everyone has always called me Katie. I'm an energetic 23-year-old. I love all music and love to dance. I'm bisexual and have been most of my life.

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