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Paper Dolls in Prison
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I'm very outgoing and I have a big heart. I am from Council Bluffs, Iowa. That is where most of my family is at, but I'm thinking about moving to Colorado when I am out of here. I love to meet new people. 
I'm a young, very outgoing woman. I love to learn new things every day. I'm looking for a friend that can help me get through this hard time in my life. If you think you could be that person, get in contact with me. I'll be waiting to hear from you! Until then.

I'm 19, but I have an old soul. I've been there and seen more than most. Please don't let my age be the reason you don't write. I'm very down to earth and outgoing. I also love to joke around and have fun because nothing's better than a good laugh.

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My name is Shannon Marie Bartz. I am shy at first but very bright and full of life once you get to know me. I enjoy staying active, busy, and I am always on the go.

Hi, I'm Jerica. I'm a very positive and shy person. I love to write. I also enjoy reading, and am a BIG people person which means I love meeting and getting to know different people. 
Hi, I'm a young, 20 yeras old Latina woman. I am currently incarcerated at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood. I have no kids.