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Paper Dolls in Prison
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I am a young, goofy, outgoing woman. I love music, food, and spending time out in the sun. 
My name is Brooke Bearman. I am 19 years old and am doing a chunk of time at Coffee Creek. I have no kids, no family, so support on the outs, and it often gets very lonely in here.

Passionate young woman in need of meeting someone who's understanding, supportive, caring, and non-judgmental. She's very open minded, beautiful, down to earth, and has a great sense of humor. Hope to hear from you soon....

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I am a beautiful soul. I love people and animals. I love to laugh and listen to music. I would love to get to really know somebody and somebody really get to know me. This seems the perfect way. I can't wait to hearing from you!

I'm from Atlanta. My favorite color is purple and black. I'm a Gemini. Ilove and enjoy sports as much as basketball. 
I'm single and hopefully that can change when I get released. I'm looking for someone stable to talk to and be there for me friendship-wise. I'm goofy, very loving, and extremely loyal. I love camping and anything involving cars.

Hey, what's up guys? My name is Emma. I'm born and raised in the City of Roses, Portland, OR. I'm very outgoing and not afraid to be myself. I have a great sense of humor and love to joke around and have fun. I'm a homebody but also love swimming and boating. 
I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm 20 years old. I am honest, loyal, trustworthy and a great listener. I love to travel as well as the outdoors. I'm adventurous and down to trying anything at least once. I'm down to earth as well.

I'm a 20 years old female in prison looking for companionship, friends, penpals. 
I'm a young, very outgoing woman. I love to learn new things every day. I'm looking for a friend that can help me get through this hard time in my life. If you think you could be that person, get in contact with me. I'll be waiting to hear from you! Until then.

Hi, I'm Jerica. I'm a very positive and shy person. I love to write. I also enjoy reading, and am a BIG people person which means I love meeting and getting to know different people.