Paper Dolls Presents: Brittany Stephens

Brittany Stephens

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Vital Statistics
Birth date:???
Projected Outdate:???

Hello, my name is Brittany Stephens from Ocala, Florida. My favorite things to do are to work and work out. I love to run! I like to stay active and love the outdoors. I also love listening to music. I like a little bit of everything, but my go to is classic rock/alternative and also country and some pop as well. I am fun and very outgoing and love to go different places, but am also very shy at times and don't mind staying home to just relax either. I am definitely an observer because you can just learn so much more that way. I also love to help out with whatever I can when I can and always try to see the upside to everything. The best and worst thing I love about myself is my heart. I definitely wear it on my sleeve. Trust is a huge thing for me. I don't like to see people hurt (unless they deserve it Smiley Face  ) and believe that if you're not happy, then what's the point? Being in prison can really bring you down and is very lonely. I would love to meet someone who would like to talk and possibly even visit if they wanted to. So if anyone is looking for a new friend, please write me.

You can write to me at:

Brittany Stephens U54059
CCA Gadsden CI
6044 Greensboro Highway
Quincy, FL 32351