Paper Dolls Presents: Audri Foster

Audri Foster

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Vital Statistics

Hi, my name is Audri and I am currently serving a 10-year sentence for trafficking. I'm 31 with brown eyes, long light brown hair. I'm 5'4 and have lots of tattoos. I love retro gaming and my tattoos reflect that, i.e. Mario Bros, original NES controller etc.... I've been down for several years and I'm bored!! I'm looking for friendship and support.

I enjoy music, reading, crocheting, and watching movies, especially scary ones. My favorite movie of all time is Addams Family Values and every Sharknado movie ever!! I also love traveling and Australia would be my dream destination so I could try new foods and other things such as shark diving (I love sharks). I'm looking forward to building friendships to last a lifetime. :)

Contact me on Jpay (download the app). My IDOC# is 0121375.

You can write to me at:

Audri Foster
121375 N. Dorm B-15
P.O. Box 8509
Boise, ID 83707