Paper Dolls Presents: April Gamblin

April Gamblin

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:0

Hi! I'm seeking a long-term friend or if the universe aligns, a possible companion. I'm sweet, kind, loving and so much more! Loyalty and honesty are my favorite qualities in a person. I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason". I'm always in search for new adventure, new things to learn and new brains to pick!

My hobbies include art in all forms, exercising my mind, body and soul. I believe self-care is the greatest form of happiness. My outdate is 4-8-28, so I'd appreciate long-term connections and someone who supports me in all aspects. You can contact me at the address below. I love mail and would love to hear from you! Also, I'm capable of receiving emails.

P.S. I love jokes, corny dad jokes are the best! Let's see if you can make me laugh! Take a chance on me and let's talk soon!

You can write to me at:

April Gamblin 23177523
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Until 10-1-21