Paper Dolls Presents: Anne Rosenberger

Anne Rosenberger

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:0
Projected Outdate:6-20

Well, it's taken a lot of wrong turns and poor choices to get me where I am today, but can I say I regret it? No. In a real way I'm grateful for this time away from the chaos and the distractions that have consumed me for so long. The truth is, being behind these walls has afforded me the chance to get to know myself, and here's what I've learned: I am addicted to laughter and have a knack for extracting it from others. I have a great imagination (that I can use for good or for bad Smiley Face  ). I love a good challenge. I've got a better attitude about life than most, and I'm getting smarter, wiser, and more beautiful every day. In short, I'm just a girl from New York City who's hoping to find someone to be by my side on this journey. I'd be lying if I said I don't need help, support and guidance along the way. Sometimes I can be biting and fierce, but that's just the way I flirt, and what can I say? I love to flirt. I'm never boring. I don't want any BS. Life's short and I want to have fun and make connections with people who can help me make the most of my time in here and maybe out there as well. I'd be lying if I said I don't need financial assistance - that is definitely something I'm looking for. I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks they'd be down to join me on this journey. If you'd like to get a hold of me, you can add me on using my name and IDOC number. Or you can send me your phone number. I'm always up for talking on the phone. You can also write me at the address below, but I prefer JPay and the phone.

You can write to me at:

Anne Rosenberger
104841 Unit 2
P.O. Box 8509
Boise, ID 83707