Paper Dolls Presents: Ann Adkins

Ann Adkins

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:1
Projected Outdate:3-22
Race:White, Hispanic

Hello to all! I am a passionate and radiant young woman seeking people with interests in a wide array of things. I have been given the essential capacity to connect with others and share stimulating conversation. Family-oriented, I maintain close relationships and desire to dedicate myself to such activities. I'd like to find someone who will stand by me and help me achieve my goals. One who appreciates being able to be themselves and understood my presence.

I've made mistakes and do my best to grow into a better person every day. Determination is vital to me. I love to be spoiled and cared about and I've got a variety of interests that include things like: philosophy, creative ideas, cooking, poetry/books, outdoor activities, anything funny/humorous, and art.

I would be glad to share my thoughts and explore life with you! I have may layers and depths... and love a good debate! If you would like to enjoy my company then I'll be waiting to hear from you!

You can write to me at:

Ann Adkins 1496188
San Saba Unit
206 S. Wallace Creek Road
San Saba, TX 76877