Paper Dolls Presents: Angellica Garcia

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Dark brown
Marital Status:Single

Today is your lucky day for finding a charm like me! My name is Angellica, and I'm outgoing, hilarious, loyal, solid, and cut from a cloth you have never felt before! Currently I'm living life on life's terms and learning from my mistakes just like everyone else, except mine carry a little heavier consequences. This is a brief description not only about myself, but at the very least what I expect people that I surround myself with to hold as values and characteristics about themselves.

Of course there is so much more about me for you to find out but it would completely defeat the purpose if I disclosed EVERYTHING about myself. It also would not be fair if you knew everything there was to know about me and I don't know anything about you. You would also get bored VERY quickly because there wouldn't be a challenge and everyone love a challange.

I look forward to meeting new people, making new friendships, building relationships and possibly a long term intimate relationship with one of you lucky ones who clicked my profile!

You can physically write and send me mail at: 4370 Smiley Road, LV,NV, 89115 or you can email at: Please give me your name, phone number, and address in order for me to respond back to you!

You can write to me at:

Angellica Garcia 1169794
4370 Smiley Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89115