Paper Dolls Presents: Angela Roy

Angela Roy

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Dark brown
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:4

My name is Angela but my people call me Dallas. I'm 38 years old and from Mobile, AL (but planning to relocate). I am a whole lot of fun, very spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous, and definitely dominant.

I love to try new things and I'm always that "ride or die" type of chick that can and will get and hold your attention if I feel you are deserving of my interest.

I am smart and funny, but serious when I need to be. I like to take life by the balls and live it to the fullest. I'm a very honest person so let me say - I'm a dom looking for a submissive type of person (male or female) who is serious about what they want in life, who's not afraid to try new things and be honest enough about what they want to put it all on the table. I don't play games, sugar coat, or beat around the bush, and I want someone who can/will be 100% honest and open with me. So if you think you have what it takes to get and hold my interest hit me up (text at 703-500-1068). This institution also has video visits and email through Corrlinks. The mail is strict so please only send white paper, white envelopes - NO CARDS OR CARDSTOCK.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you soon! Also, please don't forget to properly introduce yourself when you text me.

You can write to me at:

Angela Roy 36906-034
FCI Aliceville
PO Box 4000
Aliceville, AL 35442