Paper Dolls Presents: Alisabeth Brady

Alisabeth Brady

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Vital Statistics
# of children:3
Projected Outdate:11-5-22

Hello my name is Alisabeth Brady. As you can see I am currently incarcerated at the Cleveland Pre-Release Center. As most women, I am sweet, humble, caring, etc. I have traveled throughout the USA from the west coast to the east coast and then some. Therefore, I make for a great conversationalist. I am looking (or rather hoping) for a basic down to earth fellow who is balanced mentally, spiritually, and physically. I am eligible for early release this year, if not right now in the upcoming few months, then by the end of this year (November). I am currently in college here in the pre-release center for business. I am very business savvy and I already have a set up or foundation to come home to in the mortgage/field inspection business. Until then, hope to hear from whoever comes across this post.

You can write to me at:

Alisabeth Brady 097828
2675 E. 30th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115